Enjoying the vast beauty and incredible wildlife of Kenya

Kenya is a country known worldwide for its wild beauty, breathtaking vistas, and awe-inspiring wildlife. With every team trip, we include at least a few days of safari and the opportunity to experience yet another aspect of this remarkable country.

Another unique offering is a trek and/or climb on Mt. Kenya. This typically requires about seven additional days, either at the beginning or end of one of our team trips, and all arrangements can be made through PEAK. Mountain guides and porters will accompany you and provide meals, and the trek will usually take you to the lower peak of Point Lenana, which can be reached on foot.  The more challenging, technical climbs to the top summits of Batian and Nelion are also an option, for those with previous climbing experience.

Travel dates can be flexible for both of these options, and the travel agents we work with in Kenya are very helpful in accommodating special travel requests.  For more information on safaris and Mt. Kenya treks and climbs, contact Debbie Welden at Deborah.welden@gmail.com.